Administrative Offices

Office of the President
Manila Doctors College of Nursing
The Manila Doctors College of Nursing offers the Bachelor of Science in Nursing and certificate program in Caregiving, both tailored to meet the wealth of options available to today`s nurses and health practitioners. Tytana graduates are poised to become leaders in healthcare, education, and research, with the training and preparation the College provides.
Contact person: Prof. Katherine Vera S. Lucas, RN, MAN
Designation: Dean, Manila Doctors College of Nursing
Contact info: | 8 859-0812
College of Arts and Sciences
The College of Arts and Sciences embodies the basic foundation of all professional courses. It provides general education that focuses on behavioral, social and natural sciences to ensure the holistic formation of a Tytana student. It caters to a curriculum that unfolds and develops student`s cognitive, affective, and physical abilities of becoming a responsible human being with globally-competitive and culturally-adaptive skills towards a professional environment.
The CAS holds program courses such as Bachelor of Science in Psychology, Bachelor of Science in Nutrition with Culinary Arts, Bachelor of Science in Information Technology, and Bachelor of Arts in Communication. It is composed of the different areas of discipline which include Humanities, Languages, Mathematics and Physics, Chemistry and Life Sciences.
Contact person: Dr. Lorna D. Tamboong
Designation: Dean, College of Arts and Sciences
Contact info: | 8 859-0813
College of Accountancy and Management
The College of Accountancy and Management offers business programs which are meant to prepare the students to become competent and ethical professionals in the competitive and ever-changing world of business. The CAM offers Bachelor of Science in Accountancy, Bachelor of Science in Entrepreneurship, Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management, Bachelor of Science in Tourism Management, and Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with majors in Financial Management, Marketing Management, Operations Management, Human Resource Development Management, and Business Economics.
Contact person: Dr. Don M. Magpantay
Designation: Dean, College of Accountancy and Management
Contact info: | 8 859-0878
Senior High School Department
The Senior High School Department is designed to respond to the implementation of K to 12 by the Department of Education. The two-year program (Grade 11 and Grade 12) is intended for Grade 10 graduates to prepare them for college education, entrepreneurship, or employment after completing senior high.
Contact person: Prof. Ofelia Mallabo-Mutas, LPT, MLit
Designation: Principal, Senior High School Department
Contact info: | 8 859-0882
Development and Quality Assurance Office
Development Department
The general role of the Development Department is the active promotion of the institution through professional and active communication and information campaigns that accurately reflect the values and goals of the entire institution. Moreover, it is expected to assist the College in its short- and long-term planning.
Contact person: Ms. Anavia Theresa H. Chua, CSASS
Designation: Officer-in-Charge, Development Department
Contact info: | 8 859-0860
Quality Assurance Department
The Quality Assurance Department manages and coordinates all quality assurance measures, projects, and activities that Tytana adopts in pursuit of continual development. Quality assurance activities include accreditation processes by public and private governing bodies.
Contact person: Dr. Maria Veronica Joy M. Binuya, CPA
Designation: Head, Quality Assurance Department
Contact info: | 8 859-0833
External Relations and Professional Services Directorate
Marketing and Public Relations Office
The Marketing and Public Relations Office`s primary role is to promote the College for the benefit of its students, faculty, staff, and alumni. It creates and implements comprehensive and integrated programs through its two (2) major sections: Internal Marketing and External Marketing.
Contact person: Mr. Keven Bert G. Samson
Designation: Head, Marketing and Public Relations Office
Contact info: | 8 859-0868
Professional Development Center
The Professional Development Center provides workshops, seminars and customized programs for companies, organizations and government agencies seeking to enhance the professional skills and capabilities of their employees and officers. It also offers seminars on popular and relevant topics to the general public.
Contact person: Dr. Lizelle E. Villanueva
Designation: Director, Professional Development Center
Contact info: | 8 859-0893
Culture and Arts Program
Culture and Arts Program
The Cultural Arts Program (CAP) is the unit that positions arts and culture as formidable drivers of change by bringing the community together to deliver programs that promote cultural awareness and artistic knowledge and participation.
Contact person: Prof. Roberto D. Mendoza, MAPS
Designation: Artistic Director
Contact info: | 8 859-0813
Office of the Vice President for Academics and Research
Support Units
Office of the College Registrar
The Office of the College Registrar (OCR) envisions itself as a service-oriented unit of the College. The OCR is an academic service unit that administers operations in the areas of enrollment, student records, graduation, government liaison, and other related services.
Contact person: Prof. Lunally S. Payba, RN, MSN
Designation: College Registrar
Contact info: | 8 859-0814
Admissions Office
The Admissions Office is a section of the Office of the College Registrar that facilitates the application and enrollment of new students.
Contact person: Ms. Carmela M. Rosales, MAEd
Designation: Admissions Officer
Contact info: | 8 859-0898
College Library
The College Library provides resources that are relevant and adequate in terms of quality and quantity; is helpful in serving instructional and research needs; and progressively develops and grows in accordance with the institutional development plan. It maintains print and non-print collections such as books, journals, audio-visual materials and electronic resources.
Contact person: Ms. Marife M. Tejero, MLIS
Designation: Head, College Library
Contact info: | 8 859-0811
Research and Publication Department
The Research and Publication Department is responsible for providing the overall framework needed to set up the Colleges` research and publication priorities, directions, and structures. Among its general functions are establishing the research agenda of the College; managing the student, faculty and non-teaching staff, and institutional researches of Tytana; and providing capability-building sessions.
Contact person: Dr. Maria Veronica Joy M. Binuya, CPA
Designation: Vice-President for Academics and Research
Contact info: | 8 859-0817
Community Extension Office
In fulfillment of the Tytana`s vision for excellence and nurturance, guided by its mission to enhance social responsibility as a way of life, the Community Extension Office manages, develops, and monitors programs that exhibit the Colleges` commitment for social development and improvement in the quality of life of all its stakeholders and partner communities.
Contact person: Dr. Maria Veronica Joy M. Binuya, CPA
Designation: Vice-President for Academics and Research
Contact info: | 8 859-0816
Directorate for Student Affairs
Student Welfare and Development Department
The Student Welfare and Development Department is responsible for the many out-of-the classroom facets of student life at Tytana. The Department is divided into three sections: Development and Leadership; Welfare, Athletics, and Sports; and Learning Resource Assistance. The Department leads the management of the College Student Council, College Student Publication, Recognized Student Organizations, Athletics Program, and Scholarship Program of Tytana.
Contact person: Ms. Anavia Theresa H. Chua, CSASS
Designation: Head, Student Welfare and Development Department
Contact info: | 8 859-0864
Student Discipline Department
The Student Discipline Department takes the lead in promotion of student discipline, peace, order, safety and security of the students and implementation and enforcement of the policies, rules and regulations of the College. Aside from taking the role of investigators and decision makers in the behavioral actions caused by the non-followers of the provisions of the Student Manual, the SDD also offers seminars, campaigns, and for a that forward good norms.
Contact person: Prof. Vobeleth P. Salandanan, RN, MAN, CSASS
Designation: Head, Student Discipline Department
Contact info: | 8 859-0892
Guidance and Testing Department
As an integral part of the educational process, guidance and counseling provides assistance to individuals to individuals in making intelligent choices and adjustments in their lives. Its fundamental purpose is to develop in each individual, up to the limits of his/her capacity, the ability to solve his/her own problems, and to make his/her own adjustments.
The GTD is envisioned to be a center that provides opportunities essential to transcend each student`s potential, thereby molding him/her into a total person, capable of excelling in his/her field of endeavor efficiently carrying out the tasks of a productive individual.
Contact person: Prof. Andrew D. Cudel, RGC
Designation: Head, Guidance and Testing Department
Contact info: | 8 859-0815
International Students Program
The International Students Program caters to the diverse needs of international students and integrates smoothly to college life through various developmental, logistical, and organizational support programs and services.
Contact person: Ms. Chriscel S. Valiente
Designation: Coordinator, International Students Program
Contact info: | 8 859-0806
Office of the Vice President for Finance and Administration
Administrative Directorate
Human Resources Office
The primary objective of the Human Resources Office is to provide quality human resource services to employees, members of the faculty, the individual directorates, as well as all persons and interested parties doing business with the College. The HRO implements measures and programs that help develop an informed workforce, while treating everyone with fairness, dignity, and respect.
Contact person: Ms. Elizabeth T. Cape, MA, MS, RGC, RPsy
Designation: Head, Human Resources Office
Contact info: | 8 859-0861
Information Technology Department
The Information Technology Department (ITD) was established to provide the information and computerization requirements of the various units of the College. The ITD handles the technical and systems development of the College processes in the areas of information systems development, networking, computer maintenance and technical services, web development and other technology-related services.
Contact person: Mr. Francis Anthony J. Jardin
Designation: Assistant Head, Information Technology Department
Contact info: | 8 859-0867
Environmental, Health, and Safety Services Department
The EHSSD provides comprehensive environmental, health, and safety services to promote health and occupational safety to the campus. It ensures that the College abides with government and regulatory safety standard on water supply, pollution control, emergency management, canteen operation and clinic services.
Contact person: Mr. Benjie G. Tamboong, CSP
Designation: Head, Environmental, Health, and Safety Services Department
Contact info: | 8 859-0837
Facilities and Maintenance Management Department
Facilities and Maintenance Management Department serves as an overseer of the physical buildings, recreational facilities, electrical systems, utility supplies, laboratory and equipment, and janitorial services.
Contact person: Engr. Jade P. Gayrama
Designation: Building Supervisor
Contact info: | 8 859-0801
Security Office
The security units provide 24-hour security and safety services to the College and helps implement existing rules and procedures pertaining to security and safety.
Contact person: Mr. Benjie G. Tamboong, CSP
Designation: Officer-in-Charge, Security Office
Contact info: | 8 859-0837
Finance Directorate
Materials Management Department
The Materials Management Department is responsible for the procurement of stock and non-stock items, ensuring adequate level of supplies for proper safekeeping, as well as timely issuance and replenishment of stock items. The Department is also in charge of engaging services of contractors to meet requirements of students and sustain the operations of the College.
Contact person: Ms. Milna L. Madlangbayan
Designation: Vice President for Finance and Administration
Contact info: | 8 859-0828
Treasury Department
The Treasury Department is mainly responsible for the efficient management of cash and other financial resources to meet the day-to-day requirements of the College. For effective and timely delivery of services to students and employees, such management is carried out by these sections: Cashiering, Billing and Collection, Investments and Borrowings, and Disbursements.
Contact person: Ms. Milna L. Madlangbayan
Designation: Vice President for Finance and Administration
Contact info: | 8 859-0828
Accounting Department
The Accounting Department provides timely, accurate, and meaningful financial information to support Management decision-making and to demonstrate fiscal responsibility and accountability. The AD promotes the efficient use and stewardship of the College`s resources and compliance with laws, regulations and reporting requirements through technical financial and analytical.
Contact person: Mr. Panfilo Ken C. Iyog, Jr., CPA, MBA
Designation: Assistant Director, Finance Directorate
Contact info: | 8 859-0857
Systems and Control Section
Contact person: Mr. Panfilo Ken C. Iyog, Jr., CPA, MBA
Designation: Head, Systems and Control Section
Contact info: | 8 859-0857